“Nzogbu Nzogbu, Enyimba Enyi!” chanted the young men as they escorted the masquerade. The older men who accompanied it chanted some kind of mystical gibberish that sent the masquerade into frenzy. It was hard to guess who carried the masquerade each year. We grew up believing the masquerade was a spirit and not human. I […]


FRANCES “Sweetheart, you will find a man who is worthy of you. I didn’t invest this much in you, to give you off to some riffraff. You deserve more”. I think that was the eighteenth thousandth time I was listening to my dada repeat these same words since I turned eighteen. My name is Frances […]


Chile is a southern South American country, bordering the south pacific ocean, between Argentina and Peru. Chile is best known for its sweet wine made from pais and muscatel also its magnificent beaches that attract lots of tourist yearly. Most people dream of living in Santiago the country’s capital, home to the wealthy class. But […]


All you wanted was a rose So I scampered all over the earth I wouldn’t let Kilimanjaro’s height scare me Neither the length of Thames   My feet hurts from the scorching sands of the Sahara My palms, thorns stung But I found you a rose, and it’s red Because I want us to be […]


If we held hands Would there be chemistry? Would I understand why Oxygen needs two molecules of Hydrogen to become water? Or why Sodium reacts with Chloride to liven up my pot of soup? If I asked Einstein Could he help me understand why there’s a force field that keeps me revolving around you? That […]


‘Most of you would not make it to the end; some of you would get missing in action, some of you would quit after a few months, some would end up on wheelchairs and would have to be honorably discharged. Many would suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and their lives would never be the […]


It was her turn to take the vow, she slid her hand forward and took his. Looking into his eyes, she recited the lovely vow she had written for him: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll keep your heart safe. I’ll hang a mistletoe everywhere around the house, so you would never cease to kiss me […]


Love used to live on hope street, But she moved away. Now the days are long And the nights even longer. So, I moved into her house on hope street, Just to remember her once more. The memories were lucid, I knew they would last forever. So, while she was away, I slept in her […]


In life, it’s almost impossible to find that friend that sticks closer than a brother, like ‘the preacher’ said in the eighteenth book of Proverbs, the 24th verse. But in Nasir Khalifa, I found a brother, one to keep for a lifetime.   Our families were Coptic Christians living in Egypt before migrating to Syria […]


“I would tell you both a bedtime story, only if you both promise to be good,” Granny said, having a lightning of affection flash in her eyes. Ada and Obinna, just cuddled themselves up underneath the duvet, waiting to hear another exciting moonlight tale from Grandma. It was hard to believe that that was the […]


Days Hours Minutes Seconds I’ve loved you since it was a quarter past 6,  That would be five years ago on July, the 6th.  Like time, which cannot be seen,  In my eyes you look the same as when you were sixteen.  But time is never patient, Just like you;  It’s been running away, Just […]


city of lights Come with me to the city of lights It’s inhabitants would love to meet you If they see me coming with you. Let’s dance by the river of life The fishes would love to greet you If they see me dancing with you. Let’s live forever in Eden The roses would stay […]