Young African woman,
You are strong,
You are beautiful,
And you are smart.

Young  African woman,
Don’t let the walls of any college scare you.
The fierce monsters you see are all in your mind,
They are not real.

Young African woman,
Don’t let your mistakes haunt you.
Don’t let the ghost of your past be your shadow.
Don’t feed them in the darkness of the night while your head lies on the pillow.
Don’t let them see you cry.
Always remember this… You are strong!

Young African woman,
You can fly high,
You can dream big,
You can work hard.

Young African woman,
The world is yours.
You can reach for the stars,
You can be all that you want to be.

Young African woman,
You are black,
You are bold,
And you are beautiful.

Written by Richard OTI.

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Photo by Audrey Jackson on Unsplash

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