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Posted at: 08 Jul 2017

Young African woman, You are strong, You are beautiful, And you are smart. Young  African woman, Don’t let the walls of any college scare you. The fierce monsters you see are all in your mind,...

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Posted at: 03 Oct 2016

“Dad, I know you mean well. But, I’m almost full grown and I need to make my decisions now.” Oscar said with all seriousness and almost desperation.   “Son, I walked this lonely path many...

September 2016
Posted at: 26 Sep 2016

All you wanted was a rose So I scampered all over the earth I wouldn’t let Kilimanjaro’s height scare me Neither the length of Thames   My feet hurts from the scorching sands of the...

Posted at: 26 Sep 2016

If we held hands Would there be chemistry? Would I understand why Oxygen needs two molecules of Hydrogen to become water? Or why Sodium reacts with Chloride to liven up my pot of soup? If...

Posted at: 25 Sep 2016

Love used to live on hope street, But she moved away. Now the days are long And the nights even longer. So, I moved into her house on hope street, Just to remember her once...

Posted at: 25 Sep 2016

I've loved you since it was a quarter past 6, That would be five years ago on July, the 6th. Like time, which cannot be seen, In my eyes you look the same as when...

Posted at: 25 Sep 2016

Come with me to the city of lights It’s inhabitants would love to meet you If they see me coming with you. Let’s dance by the river of life The fishes would love to greet...

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