Cupid and Sam Inc. part 5 loading….

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  1. Finally…I get to read Part 5 and the Lord has not yet come. Isn’t God good?
    Kongratuleshons sir!!!
    I enjoyed it as always and I laughed really hard.
    Well done Sir… But idi Savage sha, why did it end?

    1. Hey Kessy… Kongratuleshons to you for reading, leaving a comment and sharing. Thank you. The lord might come before part 6, but if he doesn’t you shall read it soon. Lol.. Eyimba le!

  2. Oh wow, I was just in Paris. Beautiful story, very funny and inspiring at the same time. Great talent, Pst. Richie. I can’t wait to meet Chief again.

  3. Hahaha….wow… this was worth the read.
    But Really someone needs to find another love for Sam . Onyinye feels perfect for coopeedi. Abeg. Sam…back off!

  4. I’m sorry for reading this late. It’s been open on my tab, but I got caught up with one assignment and I forgot. I enjoyed it. Mana why hasn’t Part 6 come out kwanụ? Don’t be savage naa.

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