All I saw was a glimpse of you,
One my eyes caught in the night
A night when the moon would not reflect the sun
And the stars wouldn’t shine bright.

It was cold and the street was deserted,
And then I saw you. But then I blinked,
And you were gone.
You disappeared into the darkness of the night.

But how can I forget your beautiful eyes?
They were full of dazzling light.
Glowing with the colors of iridescent waters.
And how can I forget your smile?
It carried all of heavens warmth and grace.

Bus as soon as I blinked, you were gone.
You left me no name.
You left me no clues.
But you left me a smile,
And a memory of your eyes – eyes that look like iridescent waters.

I fell in love with you.
It was love at first sight.
And someday…
…I hope your smile and eyes would be my last sight.

Written by Richard OTI
Instagram: Richard OTI

Images courtesy: unsplash

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About Me

I'm a Biochemist, Poet, Writer and most of all Christian. Writing is as beautiful as the art of breathing only more dramatic. It gives me the chance to take the reader through a mental journey where there are no limits. I welcome you to my space and I hope you have loved the time spent here? Kindly share available post and spread word about this blog. Thank you. Thinking about supporting in anyway? Click on the support page and know how you can do so.

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