It was her turn to take the vow, she slid her hand forward and took his. Looking into his eyes, she recited the lovely vow she had written for him: “I’ll love you forever, I’ll keep your heart safe. I’ll hang a mistletoe everywhere around the house, so you would never cease to kiss me […]


Love used to live on hope street, But she moved away. Now the days are long And the nights even longer. So, I moved into her house on hope street, Just to remember her once more. The memories were lucid, I knew they would last forever. So, while she was away, I slept in her […]


Days Hours Minutes Seconds I’ve loved you since it was a quarter past 6,  That would be five years ago on July, the 6th.  Like time, which cannot be seen,  In my eyes you look the same as when you were sixteen.  But time is never patient, Just like you;  It’s been running away, Just […]