Young African woman, You are strong, You are beautiful, And you are smart. Young  African woman, Don’t let the walls of any college scare you. The fierce monsters you see are all in your mind, They are not real. Young African woman, Don’t let your mistakes haunt you. Don’t let the ghost of your past […]


“Dad, I know you mean well. But, I’m almost full grown and I need to make my decisions now.” Oscar said with all seriousness and almost desperation. “Son, I walked this lonely path many years ago and this, these…. Take a look at where we live and the life you have. This is where it […]


All you wanted was a rose So I scampered all over the earth I wouldn’t let Kilimanjaro’s height scare me Neither the length of Thames   My feet hurts from the scorching sands of the Sahara My palms, thorns stung But I found you a rose, and it’s red Because I want us to be […]