By Richard Oti

“I love you, daddy! Come back home safe,” his 3-year-old daughter says, wrapping her little arms around him. He takes a look at her and realizes that it might be the last time he stares at her beautiful chiseled face and lovely hazel eyes. Eyes that held all that was innocent and pure. So, he holds her tiny arms and pulls her closer one more time for a kiss and a tight embrace he hoped could last forever. His wife locks herself in the room, trying so hard to stifle the tears because she didn’t want to break his heart. He walks away and won’t look back. There was only one thought on his mind – ‘The freedom of the beautiful people of the beloved country.’

He stands 6 feet tall, fully dressed in camouflage, holding tightly to his ammunition as if it were the only ticket back home, and the only hope the beautiful people of the beloved country would enjoy the freedom they all longed for. Lifting his eyes, he stares and salutes the glorious flag dancing in the wind. The beautiful flag representing all the states and beautiful people of the beloved country, all of which shine as one big bright star. There was no prouder moment for him than to be of service to his nation.

Like a bird, the helicopter takes flight, taking them all to the land of the unknown. The fear they all shared was palpable. No one knew what the next few hours held in store. But their hearts were beating only for the beautiful people of the beloved country. And in unison, they all began to sing; sounding like a beautiful choir backed by an orchestra. It was a genuine camaraderie of hearts, all beating for one purpose. And beside him sat his brother of a different color; but none of those differences mattered because they were in love with the beautiful people of the beloved country, and the flag with 50 stars; land of the free and the home of the brave.

He places his left palm over his ear to block out the deafening sound of bombs and bullets falling like rain. With his gun, he tries to wage war while also looking out for his brother. Shhhhhhhh! It suddenly began to get quiet, and the lights start to fade. A bullet had made its way through his clay jacket and had done extensive damage to his vital organs. He lay in his pool of blood gasping for life. And all he could think about was his little girl at home waiting for his return. But his dying heart was still beating only for the beautiful people of the beloved country. And then the light of day completely fades away as his breath ceases. But his heart never stops beating.

“I love you, daddy! Come back home safe,” his 3-year-old daughter whispers as she tucks herself into bed for the night, and hopes the wind would travel with her voice to remind her father of how much she loves him.

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The freedom and liberty we enjoy were paid for with fields of blood by patriots who would have given up anything for the beautiful people of the beloved country.

And in the very words of the declaration of independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

God bless the beautiful people of the beloved country.

Written by Richard OTI

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