All you wanted was a rose

So I scampered all over the earth

I wouldn’t let Kilimanjaro’s height scare me

Neither the length of Thames


My feet hurts from the scorching sands of the Sahara

My palms, thorns stung

But I found you a rose, and it’s red

Because I want us to be more than friends


I want to dance with you beside the deep blue sea

We’d dance all night to the songs of the angels

God would be our host

The sun, moon and twinkling stars our guests


I hope when the morning lights rise you’ll say ‘I do’

I pray you’d say ‘I do’

I promise to keep you in my heart – it’s warm

It might not be everything you desire

But if you’ll make it your home, I’ll make it paradise


Why are your eyes turning cold?

You don’t love me as much as before?

Before you say those sad words

Take my hand, let’s dance by the deep blue sea

All night long

And maybe forever…

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Image courtesy: Robert Collins

Give me a paper and a pen, and I'd take you around the world.

2 comments On THE DANCE

  • Oh man that’s messed up. But how can u continue on in “forever” with someone whose lost interest? Living in the lies of a fairy tale won’t help. I like your piece it’s a reality of how romantics think. Sometimes it’s a toxic drug that’s feins reality.

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