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Hyperrealism is a term used to describe a genre of painting and sculpting that resembles a high resolution photograph. We can go even further by breaking down the big word into two words – Hyper and Realism. Get the definition of those two words and you understand better what this form of art means. If it is hyper realistic, then it’s full of life and real to the eyes.

Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between a hyper realistic image and a photograph of the same image. So, some of the pictures might leave you scratching your head, and wondering if it’s really a painting or not. I’ll save my words and let you see for yourself, because – “Seeing is believing.”

Here’s my take on the top 5 hyper realistic artist in the

1. Gotfried Helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein is an Austrian-Irish visual artist who is one of, if not the most relevant hyper realistic artist. This 69 year artist paintings mostly deal with psychological and sociological anxiety, historical and political issues too. He is a genius at what he does.

2. Roberto Bernadi

He is an Italian artist who spends about a month creating his masterpieces. Doesn’t this image look to good to be drawn by a human hand?

Website: Click here

3. Joongwong Charles Jeong

Charles is a South Korean and prolly one of the youngest and most talented hyper realistic artist in the world. Check out his amazing painting and tell me this does not look like a picture taken in a studio.

4. Emanuele Dascanio

I think he is my favorite of all the hyper realistic painters I have read and watched. His portraits are drawn with pencil and graphite and are just beautiful to behold. Find below a pretty painting, and a video that takes you through a journey of how he painstakingly creates his masterpieces.

Website: Click here

5. Eloy Morales

At 40, he is still young but already classed as an outstanding artist of this time. Hyper realism is yet to see the best of these young guy(s) doing great stuff.

There are a few Nigerian hyper-realistic artists that aren’t as famous as my top 5, but they are worth the mention.

Oresegun Olumide… He is best known for using water and children very creatively in most of his pieces.

Website: Click here

Ken Nwadiogbu is also something special.. in a few years he might be in the top 5.

Website: Click here

All images are a copy right of the artist featured on this post and have been used under the fair usage policy.

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Post by Richard OTI.


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