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For the first time, Allen understood what it meant to be breathless, especially when one was not asthmatic. He just couldn’t keep his eyes off Annie who sat beside him as they took their first philosophy lecture as freshmen. Her beauty was novel-like, and she wore a perpetual smile that reflected the beauty this world had to offer. Is this love at first sight? Allen pondered as his heartbeat seemed to have lost rhythm. He watched the professors lips mumble, but he was deaf to the words.

Allen had rehearsed over a million times in 30 minutes and was still rehearsing for the perfect pick-up line to start a conversation.

Hey Annie, do you understand this lecture?

Hey Annie, I like your shoes?

Hey Annie, can I use your Pen?

Hey Annie, can we talk after class?

Hey Annie, do you like popcorn?

Hey Annie, wanna see a movie with me over the weekend?

Oh, it’s pointless and stupid he taught. Why don’t I just say – hey Annie, I know I’m not the coolest of guys, I wear braces and look like a geek of the first order. I’m not one of those athletic and fun guys that every cheerleader admires. I don’t have everything in the world to offer you, but I’m smart, funny and really nice. I have a dream for my life and a passion to make the world a better place. I may not know all about love, but I have never known about lust. They say its impossible to fall in love at first sight, but I think sitting beside you has changed my opinion because I think I’m in love. Maybe I could be your hero, your knight in shining armor. I would love you like no one has ever before me or would after me. Someday, we would have kids and they will see how much a man can honor a woman and how ethereal love can conquer everything. I want you to be my world, the reason……. (his thoughts still going on).

He kept thinking while Annie stood up and walked away, totally oblivious to Allen sitting beside her. “Maybe my thoughts are best kept to me,” Allen said as he walked out of class totally disappointed in himself.

If you love someone…

…Say something

…Face that fear right in the eye.

…because you never know what is possible

Until you try…

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Photo by Hunter Newton on Unsplash

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