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All I saw was a glimpse of you,
One my eyes caught in the night
A night when the moon would not reflect the sun
And the stars wouldn’t shine bright.

It was cold and the street was deserted,
And then I saw you. But then I blinked,
And you were gone.
You disappeared into the darkness of the night.

But how can I forget your beautiful eyes?
They were full of dazzling light.
Glowing with the colors of iridescent waters.
And how can I forget your smile?
It carried all of heavens warmth and grace.

Bus as soon as I blinked, you were gone.
You left me no name.
You left me no clues.
But you left me a smile,
And a memory of your eyes – eyes that look like iridescent waters.

I fell in love with you.
It was love at first sight.
And someday…
…I hope your smile and eyes would be my last sight.

Written by Richard OTI
Instagram: Richard OTI

Images courtesy: unsplash

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